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Heinz and Wonder Bread team up to finally end mismatch between number of hot dogs and buns
The days of having only eight buns for 10 hot dogs in a pack may soon be over.
D.G. Sciortino

We live in a world where things that should make sense, don’t always make sense.

But sometimes there are those who come together to end this kind of madness.

Like why hot dogs come in packs of 10 but the buns only come in packs of eight.

It’s created chaos for families throwing summer cookouts for years.

Forcing them to buy two bags of buns leaving them with eight extra buns.

Being the resourceful and inventive creatures we are, humans have come up with lots of ways to use those leftover buns.

Allrecipes recommends making croutons or french toast. But the Heinz and Wonder Bread corporations have said no more!

This summer, families in Ontario, Canada won’t have to buy two packs of hot dog buns.

The corporations are stepping in to put an end to the nonsense and joined forces to create the Heinz Hot Dog Pact.

The Heinz Hot Dog Pact promises that each of the 10 hot dogs in a pack of weiners will be paired with one of 10 buns in each pack of Wonder hot dog buns.

The 10 pact of buns will be available in select Ontario grocery stores.

The pact was made during National Hot Dog Month and is pressing other hot dog and bun companies to also commit to the Heinz Hot Dog Pact.

“Heinz has brought hot dogs and buns together for more than a century, so we felt like it was our duty as the world’s most iconic ketchup to rally our passionate fans and champion change for the age-old issue of unequal buns and wieners packs,” Nina Patel, Head of North American Brand Communications at Kraft Heinz Company, said in a press release “Today marks a monumental day for hot dog fans and we’re thrilled to announce that Heinz has done it. We brokered a partnership with Wonder® to finally create buns in packs of 10.”

The limited-edition 10 pack of Wonder buns will be available at Ontario locations of No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, Your Independent Grocer, Dollarama, Valu-mart, and Fortinos.

Heinz hopes that all North American bun makers will also commit to equality.

They’re asking those that believe in hot dog/bun equality to sign their petition. You can find that petition at

“Wonder has been delighting Canadians since 1927. When Heinz created the Heinz Hot Dog Pact, the sheer volume of public response was too big to ignore,” said Kelly Backer, Head of Brand & Category development, Wonderbrands. “With many of our fans speaking up about this issue, we saw this as an opportunity for Wonder® to partner with our friends at Heinz and finally give hot dog fans what they’ve longed for.”

Heinz is also requesting that fans of the Heinz Hot Dog Pact use social media to spread the word.

They’ve even designated special hashtags to the cause: #HeinzHotDogPact #10buns #10wieners.

That petition has about 34,000 signatures of its 35,000 signature goal.

“Help us change the hot dog industry for the better and continue to get wieners and buns sold in even packs all over the world. We’ve succeeded in select parts of Canada but we’re not stopping until the hot dog packaging mismatch is solved globally. Hot dog history is in your hands,” the petition reads.

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