Chocolate covered pickles are the perfectly unlikely sweet and salty snack to kill a craving
This looks ridiculously delicious.
Michael Dabu

The combination of two certain tastes might be delicious to someone but a thumbs down to others. One factor is also the nativity of a person, to cut it short – we have our own unique liking for food.

Now, this trend online is intriguing a lot of people on social media. It’s a sweet and salty combo that’s making everyone stop and decide whether they would try it or not.

Introducing, chocolate-covered pickles!

If you love pickles then you must know by now that they can go with almost anything under the sun – we mean anything edible. Wouldn’t you agree?

There have been a lot of other savory snacks that got paired with it.

Some of them were “pop” while some went “flop”. Well, I think we can all agree that a food’s taste depends on one’s taste buds, right?

If you want to excite your taste buds even more then you might find this salty and sweet combination interesting and worth trying.

This goes to the people who love pickles and the combination of salty and sweet taste.

No tricky recipes on this one, it’s as straightforward as it can be.

You just need to grab your favorite pickles, may it be the ones from the grocery store or your very own creation.

For the chocolate, you can go with chocolate syrup or just melt those cholate bars in your fridge.

You may also add coconut oil for extra flavor and for the chocolate to be stickier. Prepare it per piece or slice the pickles to make the serving chip-like, do it according to your preference.

You can be as free as a bird in creating your own chocolate-covered pickles. There is no such thing as a blueprint or a specific recipe on this one, so nothing, and nobody’s going to tell you’re doing it wrong.

And don’t forget to try it with some sprinkles on!

If you really want to have an extraordinary snack, then make sure to go full throttle.

These amazing chocolate-covered pickles will not disappoint you.

Although some people find it weird and disgusting, there’s no denying that they made quite an impression online. People have been talking about it not just recently but even years ago!

That simply means this delectable snack is not new to most people, it’s already been there before and just resurfaced online for some reasons. And whatever the reason might be, only one thing is certain, this sweet and salty snack is worth gobbling in.

If you can’t find one then just make one.

After all, how-to videos are all over the internet.

Doing your homemade version of this is also advisable due to the pandemic because it’s always safer and better to be at home nowadays.

But for those who are not really fond of bothering themselves just for a simple snack, then you may look for it at any Malley’s Chocolates store near you.

You can have this tasty combination any way you want, just don’t forget to share it with friends and family members.

Watch the video below and see how it’s done.

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