12 women causing a double take with their new haircuts

October 17th, 2020

They say that your hair is your crowning glory, but due to the pandemic, most people are compromising beauty for safety these days.

Truth be told, that is a wise decision, however, a beautiful hairstyle can also do wonders for our confidence and self-esteem, so that means it’s also important to your health, too, right?

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It might take a while before hair salons open and a lot of people are definitely looking forward to that day to happen, not only because they can finally get their hair done, but most importantly because that also equates to the pandemic being finally over!

But for now, take a look at these stunning (or shall we say surprising?) hair transformations!

Here are our Top 12. Scroll below and enjoy!

1. A Guy Tang creation

For those who don’t know him (which I highly doubt), Guy Tang is a hairstylist superstar. He documents his wonderful works on his Instagram account and YouTube channel. His journey as a well-known beauty transformer is being watched by his 2.1 million followers on Instagram and 2.25 million subscribers on YouTube.

His social media accounts are filled with a lot of amazing tutorials, transformations, and inspiration. Just look at this work of his- isn’t that amazing?

2. Less is more

A change for the better. From a sweet-looking angel with a beautiful face to a sophisticated woman of the modern age.

3. Rapunzel no more

This woman looks like she’s hadn’t had a haircut for quite a while but then she beautifully transforms into a short-haired sweetie. And that wavy blonde hair is a killer!

4. A beautiful remedy

She’s diagnosed with Apolecia but gave it a beautiful fight. Apolecia is a condition that causes a person’s hair to fall into patches. Her transformation is absolutely fabulous!

5. Short hair don’t care

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We are always changing. But most people only see the change on our outward appearance. . ♥️ Sure, a lot has changed over the past 6 years but there is so much more change on the inside! . ♥️ A haircut and braces can do a lot for ones confidence but meaningful transformation happens in the mind and in the heart. . ♥️ Our attitude and perspective are helpful tools that make lasting positive changes. Not only on how we view ourselves but how we view life and all it’s beauty and struggle. . ♥️ Put more effort in applying a healthy attitude and perspective. . ♥️ And gosh darn it! We need to stop judging people by their outward appearance. We are so much more than what our eyes see!

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She’s another exemplar of short hair beauty. Chloé also has a huge following on her Instagram account with 386 thousand. There, she teaches women how to style their adorable short hairs.

6. Freckles

I have never seen someone with freckles as beautiful as this woman! Well, yes we should be talking about her hair but just look at how beautiful she is!

7. Bleached and blown

That says it all! This is a creation by the lady boss at Parlour Eleven, a Huntington Beach Hair Salon. The people at that place are hair slayers!

8. Time machine

If you want to look decades younger, then just let some talented hands do your hair. These highly-skilled hair-stylists are changing people’s lives.

9. Camera trick?

Of course not! That’s not a camera trick, CGI, or any special effects of any kind. That’s simply a stunning hair makeover! The caption says it all, “New do for a new you,” in this new normal.

10. You glow girl!

If this jaw-dropping glow-up doesn’t amaze you, then I no longer know what would. Are you looking at two different people? Definitely not!

11. Are you brave enough?

Well, this woman is! Her transformation after three years is the only kind of change that you will want in life. Is it just me, or she really has that princess Merida vibes?

12. Are you serious?

I am confused now. I hope that my eyes are serving me accurately right now. Her fluffy curls make such a volume-rich afro. And is anyone else mesmerized by her smile?

Transformations like these make it easy to see why getting our hair done is go good for our mental health.

Looking at yourself in the mirror having the right mentality is good for the health. It builds your confidence, self-respect, and self-love. Especially now, during these trying times when tomorrow is uncertain- looking great is a huge help because it fights depression and anxieties.

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Hopefully, the time will come when this pandemic finally ends. We will all become victorious in our battles not only with the coronavirus but also with the natural battles of life. We hope that you enjoyed that gallery of beauty and change.

Also, thanks to all the barbers, hair cutters, hairstylists, or and any other hair magicians out there. You are not just changing our hair, you are also changing lives. Just like what Coco Chanel said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

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