Mullets are back in style. Here are 12 of our favorite ones
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Michael Dabu

An old hairstyle is coming back to life. A hairstyle that’s known as early as 1621 and was worn by rock stars like David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Keith Richards, and Paul McCartney in the early 1970s. It’s described as a hairstyle which is short at the front and sides, but long at the back- and usually worn by men.

If your guess is the mullet, then you are absolutely right!

This old hairstyle has resurfaced in today’s generation and is now known as the “modern mullet.” It regained popularity when it was worn by some influencers and huge celebrities like Miley Cyrus. The modern mullet is characterized by having a long back hair, short side hair, and medium-length frond and top hair.

Is it worth trying? Check out the gallery that we have below and let us know your thoughts.

Here are our Top 12! Scroll and enjoy!

1. Curly mullet

Not too long at the back and just the right trim on both sides, front, and top. To top it all, it looks more appealing with that beard connecting all the way to the sideburns.

2. Mullet knows no gender

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Genuinely speechless

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It looks like this hairstyle that’s referred to as a men’s hairstyle has now become gender-neutral.

3. Do you love to see it too?

This one is with the sides shaved. For some, it’s either that their sides are just thin, while some are really shaved, so you really have to look twice.

4. Colorful

While the mullet that we know has the natural hair color, this one, in particular, is different. It’s a new flavor if I may say, adding some vibrant colors, why not?

5. For the youngsters too!

If mullet knows no gender, then it’s also open for all ages. How about that? Paired with eyeglasses, can we call this one is a “genius’ mullet?”

6. Fading in

Do you know the boy-next-door look from a perfect fade cut? Now this one is with a touch of mullet. With this guy, it looks like he curled his long back hair, that’s interesting, isn’t it?

7. Relationship goals

A couple that wears mullets together, stays forever! “This. This is what u should be aiming for. Ur relationship could never”

8. On point

Mullets are better appreciated if you will look at it on all sides. Just like this guy right here, look at that pointy back, isn’t that funky?

9. The face-off

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spot the lurker

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Kinky is the new trend, even on mullets, and these pals are matching theirs up. It’s time to place your bets.

10. What a view

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Scenic views and scenic mus

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A gorgeous-looking mullet deserves nothing but the best, just like this scene. An overlooking view of a beautiful bridge makes it all captivating, I mean we are still talking about the hair, okay?

11. The mull-hawk

A punky version of the mullet! The combination of mohawk and mullet can’t get any better than this. Those vibrant colors also pack a punch!

12. A good start

What about a mullet from an 18-month-old baby? This kid is going to be a rockstar!

The modern mullet is also becoming popular with male teens in Australia and New Zealand because of the Australian drill scene.

Are we all ready for the modern mullet? Well, this style looks pretty simple and is like a DIY type of haircut, or is it really? There is no harm in trying though, wouldn’t you agree?

After all, everyone has the freedom to cut their hair as they please. It’s one way of expressing yourself, it’s all about self-expression and self-love. Now that most of us are on home quarantine, why not grab those scissors and clippers, we bet that you’ve grown your hair long enough from the past months.

Your hair- your choice! If you really want to try it, then go ahead and do it. Try the modern mullet and share it on your social media accounts for others to see.

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By Michael Dabu
Michael Dabu is a contributor at SBLY Media.