Japanese water cake shaped like a sleeping cat
This cake is almost too cute to eat!
Khadija Bilal

What is it about Japan and super cute things? From Hello Kitty to Nintendo video game characters, the country seems to make the concept of cuteness, or ‘kawaii’, a key part of its culture.

Even Japanese food can be utterly adorable!

Just take a look at this water cake in the shape of a sleeping cat.


For those who don’t know, a water cake, also known as a raindrop cake, is a kind of dessert made from just a couple of ingredients: water and agar.

The concept really took off in 2014, when the Kinseiken Seika Company launched their amazing ‘edible raindrop’ cake and it became a viral sensation, even encouraging many people to actually fly all the way to Japan just to see and taste this amazing treat.

Due to their lack of ingredients, water cakes have barely any calories at all and don’t have much of a flavor. They melt in the mouth quite quickly and are usually eaten with toppings like syrup to add some sweetness. They don’t last long either! You need to eat them quite quickly as the whole structure can melt into a puddle after about half an hour.


Now, someone has taken the concept of the water cake to the next level, shaping it to look just like a cat. Twitter user @mithiruka introduced the world to this wonderful delight.

They apparently made the cat from scratch using a traditional water cake recipe taken from the Japanese cooking site, Cookpad. They used a silicon sleeping cat mold purchased from a MUJI store to make the shape. We don’t know how it tastes, but it looks fabulous!

The Twitter user later shared more information about the dessert, saying that they ate it with toppings of brown sugar syrup and kinako powder, which are quite popular additions to regular raindrop cakes.

The original tweet has been liked over 23,000 times and retweeted 19,000 times too, with countless Twitter users falling in love with the adorable watery feline and wanting to try one for themselves.

And @mithiruka didn’t stop there! They also uploaded a video of another unique water cake creation. This one is in the shape of a rose, and we can see how it keeps its shape perfectly, even when tapped with the side of a spoon.

What do you think about these amazing water cakes? Would you like to give them a try? There are several simple recipes you can follow online and the ingredients list isn’t long, so they’re quite easy to make.

Just don’t forget that you need to eat them pretty quickly, so you can’t admire them for too long before all that beauty and cuteness fades away!

If @mithiruka’s idea worked with a silicon mold in the shape of a cat and a rose, there’s no reason why the same recipe couldn’t work with other shapes too! The sky’s the limit with water cakes, and we’re looking forward to seeing what other unique styles people can come up with.

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By Khadija Bilal
Khadija Bilal is a contributor at SBLY Media.