Grandma lets youngsters in on simple secret ingredient to her decadent brownie cake
The recipe video has gained over 54 million views!
Maxim Sorokopud

What’s better, chocolate cake or brownies? You can have the best of both with this incredible hybrid creation!

Imagine a world without cakes or brownies.

Sorry for putting such a traumatic image in your head, but sometimes you have to go through these thought exercises to appreciate the good things in life.

And if thinking about a cakeless, brownieless world has given you the urge to eat both, then there’s good news.

No Empty Chairs
No Empty Chairs

This article contains a recipe for an incredible chocolate brownie cake!

To make it, you need the following ingredients:

A box of chocolate cake mix, either 15 ounces or 18.5 ounces.

A box of fudge brownie mix, 18.3 ounces.

Four room temperature eggs.

One and a quarter cup of water

One cup of vegetable oil.

One cup of heavy whipping cream.

One 12 ounce bag of chocolate morsels, semi-sweet.

The last two ingredients form a chocolate ganache. The rest go into the cake.

Here’s how you make the cake:

First, you have to preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Grease up a bundt pan.

Lady Melady
Lady Melady

Put the cake mix, brownie mix, eggs, water and vegetable oil into a large bowl. Then whisk this until it’s a pretty smooth batter.

Then pour the batter into the bundt pan.


Put the pan in the oven and bake it for 50 to 55 minutes.

Take the cake out of the oven and let it cool. Remove the cake from the pan after about five minutes and let it cool on a rack.

And to make the ganache you do the following:

First, you pour the whipping cream into a bowl that can go in the microwave. Then heat the whipping cream for two minutes. The cream should be just about boiling.

Then pour the chocolate chips into the cream and let the chocolate melt into the cream for five minutes. Then whisk the chocolate and cream together until it’s all smooth.


Lastly, pour the ganache over the cake.

And all that’s left after this is to eat the cake.

A video of this recipe then appeared on Facebook, where it soon went viral.

To date, it has gained over 54.7 million views It also has more than 85,000 reactions and 14,000 comments. People have been saying things like this:

Facebook - I am baker
Facebook - I am baker

The Facebook page where this recipe comes from, I Am Baker, has many other amazing dessert ideas.

One of the most popular recipes is for cookie dough frosting.

Cookie Dough Frosting

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To make this frosting, you need, one and a half cups of light brown sugar, one cup of room temperature butter, one and a half cups of all-purpose flour, two teaspoons of vanilla extract, one teaspoon of salt, one cup of milk and one cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

To make the frosting, you beat together the sugar and butter until they form a smooth and creamy mixture. Then you add the flour, vanilla extract and salt and mix until it’s all combined. After that, mix in the milk one tablespoon at a time. Lastly, you add in the chocolate chips and stir the mixture until the chips are evenly distributed.

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Granny's Chocolate Brownie Cake

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