Family photo re-creations so clever they deserve a prize

October 27th, 2020

Photographs are memories from the past and every vintage photo tells a story about a person, place, thing, or event. These printed images speak not only thousands but millions of words. To some, these are treasures that they highly value.

Sadly, today’s generation rarely uses this type of technology because we now have advanced gadgets. Truth be told, the age of cameras (the ones that aren’t attached to our phones) and photographs are almost gone and forgotten – almost.

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Pexels Source: Pexels

Gladly, there are some people who still keep their photographs at home. They still have them stored maybe inside a box or in a photo album, and it’s a beautiful thing. They can pull out a box or book full of nostalgia from their own personal past and reminisce over all their most cherished memories.

What’s more interesting is that some have recreated these images and uploaded them on the internet, and the results are pretty amazing!

Get ready to be mind-blown by these crazy photo recreations. Scroll down and enjoy the gallery below. Here are our Top 15!

1. Like father – like son

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Instagram/robertirwinphotography Source: Instagram/robertirwinphotography

We all love the late Steve Irwin, also known as “The Crocodile Hunter.” He’s undeniably one of the most entertaining animal guys to have ever existed. In this photo is his son, Robert Irwin, and what an impeccable recreation this is! It’s indeed like father – like son.

2. Brothers

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Reddit/I_CRE8 Source: Reddit/I_CRE8

These brothers reunite after 90 long years. Oh, how time flies so fast.

“My grandpa’s three surviving brothers coming together 90 years later on the same farm, with the same exact bench.”

3. 60th birthday

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Imgur/madbear Source: Imgur/madbear

As a mother, nothing is more precious than your kids. Just like this mom who celebrated her 60th birthday. Apart from the incredible remake of their old picture, how did this mom manage to stay so beautiful after all those years? Please, tell us your secret.

4. 1967 vs 2019

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Facebook/張哲生 Source: Facebook/張哲生

Their hair may have turned to silver-gray but their love still remained. Staying in love for more than 50 years is no joke. This is the definition of relationship goals.

5. 60 years and counting

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Reddit/dskeezy05 Source: Reddit/dskeezy05

This couple was able to keep not only their wedding photo but also their wedding outfits. It warms our hearts to see such a lovely couple that’s still together after 60 years.

6. Walk away

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Reddit/lorubis3 Source: Reddit/lorubis3

Two pictures, 60 years apart, and walking away from two different situations, but still the same couple.

“60 years apart. Going home from service 1959 and going home from chemo 2019”

7. In sickness and in health

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Reddit/shaka_sulu Source: Reddit/shaka_sulu

This lovely couple is keeping their wedding vow. The images are 51 years apart and though the wife is spoon-feeding her husband in a different situation now, this is still a beautiful display of love.

8. Look at me

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Reddit/farmch Source: Reddit/farmch

A sweet Mother’s Day present from this gentleman to his ever beautiful mom.

“Recreated my mom’s favorite photo of us for Mother’s Day”

9. Achievement

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Twitter/__toritilla Source: Twitter/__toritilla

He kissed his daughter on his graduation and another kiss when she graduated. They were together when they both achieved a milestone in their lives.

10. Siblings

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Reddit/malencross Source: Reddit/malencross

Siblings tend to go their own paths as they grow up, lucky are those siblings who still have the ability to be together. Perhaps, I am pertaining to these four siblings here.

11. Footsteps

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Reddit/taffarel00 Source: Reddit/taffarel00

His grandfather was a heart surgeon and now, he’s a neonatology fellow. Following granddad’s footsteps in saving lives.

12. Mustache

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Reddit/Trebas Source: Reddit/Trebas

A dad holding his child and that child later holding his own. 33 years apart but nothing seemed to have changed. The mustaches say it all, and can we just also note the baby looking in the same direction? That’s too perfect for a coincidence.

13. Bedtime

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Reddit/deltaphoenix08 Source: Reddit/deltaphoenix08

This goofy father and son recreated a sweet bedtime memory from 1985, but wait, isn’t he too big to be still resting on dad’s chest? We also noticed that his son also became fond of getting inked.

14. Fly together

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Instagram/jasmijnvwvd Source: Instagram/jasmijnvwvd

She took a picture with her pilot dad in the cockpit before, and now she’s a part of the crew! This is not as simple as just recreating the picture but also a story of reaching your dream no matter how high it is.

15. Too big

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Reddit/Sebbot Source: Reddit/Sebbot

Another father and son remake. From the year 1977 to the year 2018, same spot, and same place. Nothing has changed except son’s no longer a pack-size.

Change is the only consistent thing in life and it is inevitable. It is sad that cameras are now being replaced by smartphones and other devices, however, we can still preserve photos that contain precious and unforgettable memories.

Aren’t those photo remakes incredibly funny and awesome at the same time? It’s amazing how they were able to recreate the poses, outfits, places, things, and almost everything from their old photos. It only proves that photos are ageless- they are just as beautiful and valuable before, now, and forever.

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