50 times people were served their food in the most insane way

September 24th, 2019

When people go to a restaurant it’s because they want to eat.

Not because they want to be dazzled by some weird food display.

I mean, it’s nice to have a unique spin on the way food is presented but sometimes it’s just out of hand. And sometimes it’s just straight-up ridiculous. These photos you are about to see are just straight-up ridiculous.

Here are 50 times people were served their food in the most insane way:

1) Eating Off an iPad

Doesn’t eating off an electronic screen sound appealing? Yeah, it doesn’t sound like something I want to do either. It actually seems gross to me. How can you even clean it properly? I can’t imagine that this is sanitary.

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cheekyjan Source: cheekyjan

2) Six Nachos

These are fancy nachos. They are hung from a makeshift clotheslines with clothespins. You get a fancy display, lots of dip, but only six chips. I’d rather have more chips on a regular plate.

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mmonzeob Source: mmonzeob

3) Magnetic Levitating Pillow

Levitating meringue pillow anyone? This restaurant serves their desserts on pillows. But not just any pillows, magnetic levitating pillows.

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Couldnt_think_of_a Source: Couldnt_think_of_a

4) Bone Dish

I’ve heard of bones included in one’s meal. But this person had their entire meal served on a bone. Must be a cow bone?

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tsjoepvdv Source: tsjoepvdv

5) Roadkill Bread

Mmmmm, roadkill! This bread is served in roadkill. Or some kind of former furry creature.

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urdsrevenge Source: urdsrevenge

6) No Plates

This restaurant was too cheap to buy plates. So they just threw the food on napkins. They also put a few leaves of green in between tortilla chips and called it a meal.

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TheBeatles2 Source: TheBeatles2

7) Lick Your Own Hand

You bring your own plate to this restaurant. It’s called your hand. They spoon cheese foam on the back of your hand and you have to lick it off.

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prisongovernor Source: prisongovernor

8) Food Shoe

A shoe. This place serves your food in a freaking shoe. That’s just nasty.

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adullploy Source: adullploy

9) Snowboard Pizza

That snow board looks so dirty and greasy at the end. Why would someone want to eat off a snowboard rather than a plate? They didn’t even put down any paper under it.

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HarryFlashman1927 Source: HarryFlashman1927

10) Upsidedown Plate

These people aren’t fooling anyone. Even serving food on an upsidedown dish will not distract from the fact that there is barely any food on this plate. The heck is that stuff anyway?

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Jotapeme Source: Jotapeme

11) S Hook Pizza

How dare they? How dare they do this to pizza? Pizza does not deserve this.

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Go_Blue_ Source: Go_Blue_

12) Fishbowl Burger

Why though? When you put hot food in an enclosed space like this is creates steam. Now people have to eat these soggy sliders.

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Reddit Source: Reddit

13) Stone Cocktail

You’re probably wondering what the heck this is. This is a cocktail poured into a hollowed-out stone. It’s meant to be drunk through the hole without a straw.

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MrMagicMoves Source: MrMagicMoves

14) Urinal Meal

We’ve all heard horror stories about food in foreign countries. But this is next level. These poor vacationers were served food out of a urinal.

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WafleFries Source: WafleFries

15) Served Lady Gaga Style

This Hot Pot restaurant was inspired by Lady Gaga’s meat outfit. So this is how they served their prosciutto. A la Lady Gaga.

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brokenankleZ Source: brokenankleZ

16) The Dish You Can’t Eat

This restaurant got caught up in what they thought was a clever way to serve soup. But I guess the forgot about the purpose of it. It’s meant to be eaten and can’t be the way they are serving it.

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Sodi_Popss Source: Sodi_Popss

17) Pasta in a Bottle

Lots of people enjoy wine with their meals in Italy. But this isn’t what most people had it mind. At least it looks sanitary.

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MajesticHoneydew Source: MajesticHoneydew

18) Bloody Mary Fry Basket

When people want a Bloody Mary, you don’t mess with them. This is a Bloody Mary in a fry basket. Not cool. Not cool at all.

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I_Crush_Your_Head Source: I_Crush_Your_Head

19) Fish Bowl Bowl

Was fish being served on the plate? Who wants yucky water that fish pooped in under their dish. Not me!

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dr_harlequin Source: dr_harlequin

20) Ravioli Clothesline

What is with putting food on a clothesline? At least there is enough ravioli to feed everyone. How do they clean those metal clips?

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corkboy Source: corkboy

21) Sandy Soup

This dish requires work. First, you have to wipe the sand off of the top. Then you have to slip open the tin foil while trying not to get sand in your soup.

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fire99966 Source: fire99966

22) Chopping Board Chicken

This looks like a delicious curry dish. Except for the fact that it’s served on a wooden chopping board. They even make sure your veggies are standing straight up.

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skelto Source: skelto

23) Twig Ice Cream in a Rock

This is dish is well… something else. That’s raspberry ice cream on a thorny twig. The twig is stuck inside a hole drilled into a rock. Be… yond… ridic… ulous.

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neo3237 Source: neo3237

24) A Mouse and His Cheese

Would you like to eat some proscuitto off of a rat’s corpse? I don’t know if it’s real but it still doesn’t look appetizing. I’ll pass on the cheese, thanks!

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Realwomprat Source: Realwomprat

25) Shoveled

Sometimes you’re so hungry that you’re ready to just shovel your meal in. This restaurant will do that for you. It shovels your meal directly onto the table.

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WeWantPlates Source: WeWantPlates

26) Pie on a Milkshake

Don’t get me wrong, this looks delicious. But how are you going to eat it? The second you try to spoon into that cheesecake it will probably fall off. Not sure how it’s still up there.

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ochad Source: ochad

27) Three Chips on a Log

This guy was served three chips on a log. I’m not sure what else there is to say about that. There also seems to be some mini campfire meal going on.

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Hey_nice_marmot_ Source: Hey_nice_marmot_

28) Sunbathing Chicken

This restaurant served a chicken with its head still on. He’s also reclined in a chair so he can sunbathe. Not sure why there are two raw eggs on this “plate.”

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dayzdai Source: dayzdai

29) Toilet Bowl

This restaurant serves a chocolate mess (ice cream?) inside a toilet. It’s made to look like shit and piss. You couldn’t pay me to eat that.

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dppcoolfire Source: dppcoolfire

30) Broccoli Tree

Here we have some sesame broccoli. It’s served on a twisted metal tree. Why serve it on trees though when broccoli already looks like little trees?

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juanutip Source: juanutip

31) Log and Moss

This dish brings you back to the forest. Literally, because you’re eating food off of a log. And don’t forget all that moss!

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Ptipapanoel Source: Ptipapanoel

32) Mattress Springs

The person eating this doesn’t even know what they are eating. Whatever it is, they decided to serve it in mattress springs. At least there’s dipping sauce.

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pemb Source: pemb

33) Bundle of Sticks

This is another forest inspired “plate.” It’s a bundle of sticks. It’s snails served on a bundles of sticks with weird green moss balls.

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Ptipapanoel Source: Ptipapanoel

34) Stones and Bones

This dish is just mean. Poor people are hungy and want to eat and have to stare at a large fish that’s already been eated. Leaving them left to eat a bunch of seeds.

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Ptipapanoel Source: Ptipapanoel

35) Bathtub Cocktail

Doesn’t the thought of drinking bathwater sound appetizing? We didn’t think so either. Yet, here we are….

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kennyamazaki Source: kennyamazaki

36) Sandwich in a Car

To be fair, this is a kid’s meal. So, it makes more sense. I mean, I’d want to eat out of a cardboard car.

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zaidepul Source: zaidepul

37) Bread Tree

Who says bread doesn’t grow on trees? It does on this one. Bread or doughnuts, not sure exactly what these are.

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NinetyPlanets Source: NinetyPlanets

38) Poke Bowl?

This is a Poke Bowl. Minus the bowl. It’s a Poke Jar.

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amillionsbirds Source: amillionsbirds

39) Ceramic Pillow

Here is another dish served on a pillow. This time it is a ceramic pillow. These are some seriously regal-looking croquetas.

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nocharge4u Source: nocharge4u

40) Tree Branch

Here is what would have been a lovely octopus dish. Then they shoved some tree branches though it for some reason. Totally unnecessary.

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