Eggs are delicious, healthy, and versatile, which is why they’re a great breakfast food. Well, we say they’re for breakfast. But actually, they’re a great choice for any meal. There’s nothing tastier than a burrito for dinner filled with eggs, cheese, and salsa.

It’s the versatility of the egg that makes it such a great food choice. People have come up with hundreds of ways to cook them. You can pair eggs with almost anything. Throw them in some boiling water and when cooked through, slice them up and add them to a salad. Or if you’d rather have a quick breakfast, just toss some eggs in a pan with butter. You’ll have a tasty meal within minutes.

Everyone has a preferred way of cooking eggs. Any brunch party needs to include the question, “How do you like your eggs?” Maybe you prefer them soft-boiled, meaning they have a runny yolk. You can then pair the eggs with toast. Or maybe you like a classic omelet filled with ham, cheese, and veggies.

But just because eggs are a classic meal doesn’t mean you have to make them the same way every time. These 50 new ways of cooking them might help you find a new favorite. If nothing else, it’ll make you hungry.