21 Genius Baking Hacks You Haven't Heard Of - They Will Take Your Baking To The Next Level
These hacks can help any baker, beginner or advanced!

Baking doesn’t have to be hard. Use these baking hacks to make perfect cakes, muffins, and more even if you don’t have everything a master baker does.

Cut cakes perfectly with floss

Place a ring of toothpicks into the outside of your cake, attach floss, and pull. Your cake will be perfectly sliced into two layers. Who is ready for extra frosting and cake filling?

Use a cake even if it’s stuck in the pan

If you forget to grease the pan and end up with a cake that won’t budge, don’t panic! Make cake pops instead!

Scrape your cake out into a bowl and then crumble it until its almost powdery. Mix in icing, roll up the cake mixture into little balls, put them on toothpicks, dip them in chocolate, and let them sit in the fridge overnight.

cake pops
Herzlich(t) via Flickr
Herzlich(t) via Flickr

Make marshmallow frosting

if you want to try something other than traditional frosting, this is sure to be a hit. When your cupcakes are done, stick a big marshmallow on each one then bake them at 350F or 180C for 6 mins or until the marshmallow has melted. Delicious!

Make your own cookie cutter

if you don’t have a cookie cutter on hand but you have already made cookie dough, all is not lost! Cut off a thin strip of metal from a soda can and form it into whatever shape you desire.

Use a cup as a cookie cutter

if you need a cookie cutter and don’t want to commit to cutting a soda can, just turn a cup or glass upside-down and use the rim as a circle shaped cookie cutter.

Sebastian Ip via Flickr
Sebastian Ip via Flickr

Soften hard brown sugar quickly

If your brown sugar goes hard because you left it out overnight, then get a damp paper towel or napkin and lay it over the brown sugar. Place it in the microwave for 20 seconds to get unimaginably soft sugar.

Fix a cheesecake

We all know it’s unfortunate when you finish making a beautiful cheesecake and it has a crack down the middle.

For a quick and perfect repair, mix sour cream and sugar in a bowl and then spread it evenly over the cheesecake, covering the damage. Swirl jam over the top, and then bake it at 400F or 200C for 15 minutes. Let it chill overnight for a beautiful sour cream and berry swirl cheesecake.

Get soft butter fast

If you don’t feel like waiting for butter to get warm on the counter, put it in a Ziploc bag, seal it, and use a rolling pin to flatten the bag and butter. Your butter will be malleable and ready for any recipe.

rolling pins
Ash via Flickr
Ash via Flickr

Repurpose overbaked cookies

We all make baking mistakes. Put your overbaked cookies into a food processor with melted butter and use the mixture to form a pie crust.

Get evenly distributed butter

Use a cheese grater to grate your butter into small pieces that can be evenly distributed in any recipe.

Use this substitute for a Bundt cake pan

If you don’t have a Bundt cake pan, you can take a can and place it in the middle of a regular circular cake pan to get your achieved shape.

Make muffins without a muffin tin

Take the lids from mason jars and place your muffin or cupcake in the middle of each one so they stay put during baking.

mason jar lids
PhotoAtelier via Flickr
PhotoAtelier via Flickr

Work with a pan that is the wrong size

When a pan is too big, you can fold take tin foil to make a makeshift pan wall. Cover the tin foil with parchment paper before adding cake batter.

Make your own instant powdered sugar

If you ever need confectioners’ sugar, just blend white sugar in any blender or food processor.

Make even more powdered sugar

Add a tablespoon of cornstarch to a cup of white sugar and use your blender or food processor.

Make your own cupcake liner

if you don’t have any cupcake liners, then can shape a piece of parchment paper at the bottom of a cup.

Create your own piping tool to decorate a cake

Just use a Ziploc bag. Fill it with frosting and cut a very thin triangle from the corner. You will be able to squeeze out a ribbon of frosting for cake decorating.

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cake decorating
jamieanne via Flickr
jamieanne via Flickr

Use this if you don’t have oil (or if you just want to eat less oil)

If a recipe asks for oil, try using applesauce instead.

Use this instead of buttermilk

Use one cup of whole milk with a tablespoon of vinegar or one cup of whole milk and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Substitute baking powder for baking soda

Baking soda can be easily replaced with baking powder. Just multiply the amount by four.

Effectively replace sour cream

Sour cream can be replaced with Greek yogurt for a quick and healthy option.

Source: Nifty via Facebook