12 items from the 'secret Starbucks menu' you need to know about
Your regular Starbucks order just got a major upgrade.
Luis Gaskell

We’ve all been to Starbucks more times than we can count, but I don’t think many people can say they’ve tried everything that the world-famous coffee shop franchise has to offer. Even more so if you don’t know about some of their secret menu items.

Some of these drinks may even become your new favorite. So here’s a list of 12 for you to try the next time you’re at Starbucks.

1. Dirty Chai Latte

For seekers of good old, perk-you-up caffeinated drinks, the dirty Chai Latte is a prime choice. It’s a caffeine-boosted mixture incorporating Masala chai, and anyone looking to try out new things would love it. It comes in hot and iced varieties, in case you’d love to try both ways.

2. The Medicine Ball

Treat a sore throat, and treat yourself at the same time. The Medicine ball is a caffeinated drink that soothes soothes a sore throat while perking you up too. It’s made with steamed lemonade, jade citrus mint green tea, honey and peach tranquility tea. Just inquire with the barista for one the next time your throat is giving you trouble.

3. Nutella/Hazelnut Frappuccino.

Add some hazelnut syrup, whipped cream and mocha sauce to your frappuccino and you get this. This much sugar and caffeine might be too much to have on a regular basis, but is fantastic if you’re looking to treat yourself once in a while. Can’t say no to hazelnut every now and then, can you?

4. Butterbeer Frappuccino

A bit of caramel in your frappe and be spellbound! This one’s not too much of a secret anymore, since countless Potterheads have ordered it and shared it on social media after first hearing about it. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it, though!

5. Tiramisu Frappuccino

The sugary, guilty goodness of Tiramisu but in drinkable form! This nearly sinful drink is made with single pump mocha sauce, half pumps of caramel, vanilla, toffee nut and hazelnut. And for the final touch, ask your barista to pour a shot of espresso affogato over your drink.

6. This orange-colored peach drink

The secret menu items just keep coming, and there’s something for everyone. Order a half-sweet black tea lemonade, venti-iced, and throw in some peach tea and a splash of soy. As a bonus, this drink is totally vegan!

7. Chocolate-covered strawberry

The classic duo of chocolate and strawberry is as good as ever with this one! Order a venti cold brew, 2 pumps white mocha, 2 pumps raspberry, cold foam with strawberry purée, and mocha drizzle. It’ll be just like dipping strawberries in chocolate when you were younger.

8. Baby Yoda Frappuccino

When you’re out hunting the most villainous, criminal scum in the galaxy, it pays to have some refreshment. All you need for this one is a matcha green tea frappuccino. Then throw in some whipped cream, and follow it up with caramel syrup and caramel crunch topping.

9. Cinnamon, chocolate and caramel latte

Behold, the Three C’s Latte! This one’s got the ingredients in its name, so that should make it easy for you to whip it up yourself. It starts with a cinnamon dolce latte. Then comes mocha sauce and caramel syrup, and your drink is ready for your taste buds.

10. Purple drink

The purple hue to this drink comes from some good old blackberries thrown into a passion ice tea. Completing the mix is soy milk and vanilla syrup. You can bet it tastes as good as it looks.

11. Layered lemonade

Lemonade is great on its own and even better with some helping flavors! Ask your barista for a lemonade with strawberry puree at the bottom infused with peach citrus tea. You won’t regret it.

12. Cotton candy frappuccino

My, that’s a lot of sugar! Made with a vanilla bean Frappuccino blended with raspberry syrup, this one appeals to lovers of all things sweet. If you loved cotton candy as a kid, then you’ll enjoy its beverage equivalent as an adult.

Picked up any ideas for your next Starbucks visit? I certainly hope so. Try giving this list a share so more of your friends can try something new for themselves too!

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