12 Hilarious photos of parents currently trapped at home with kids

September 14th, 2020

If you didn’t feel like life was all that crazy before, 2020 has surely set you straight. With the rolling lockdowns, riots, protests, fires, and hurricanes (to mention just a few of 2020’s finest), life has only gotten more intense by the day.

To add a little touch of insanity into the mix, parents are now having to homeschool their kids while schools stay shut down.

And while some parents might have been handling this year just fine before now, these 12 parents are here to tell you- 2020 is nowhere near over just yet.

Here are 12 of the most hilarious proofs that the parenting struggle is REAL!

1. Sometimes you’ve got to bring in some help

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Reddit/kmascasa Source: Reddit/kmascasa

Millions of parents are learning the joys of homeschooling right now. At the same time, they are learning the value of having a teacher’s aid to take over the more important educational matters- like the fact that dogs are awesome and cats are not. To be fair, this particular teacher might be just a little bit biased.

2. When your kid is kind of creepy

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Imgur/puddinhead2U Source: Imgur/puddinhead2U

This mom must have nerves of steel. While she’s trying to work, her son donned his awesome Spiderman costume and crouched on the table while he whispered “can you hear me breathe?” to his mom. She might not be able to hear you breathe, kid- but she will hear your cries if you don’t get down off that table!

3. Homeschooling can be hard on everyone

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Facebook/Candice Hunter Kennedy Source: Facebook/Candice Hunter Kennedy

Homeschooling isn’t just tough on kids, it’s pretty hard on parents, too. Especially if the parent in question isn’t used to having to teach. Based on this kid’s impression of his mom during “school”, we’d say she was dealing with some of those ridiculous “common core” lessons. And we don’t blame her for being irritated one bit!

4. Teaching kids about money

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Facebook/Stephanie Craig Source: Facebook/Stephanie Craig

Who says that allowance has to be paid in standard currency? Turns out, when you’re making purchases from your parent’s pantry, cash is cash, even if it’s Monopoly cash. Teaching kids about spending and earning money has never been easier!

5. They’re coming for you

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Reddit/Nahalido Source: Reddit/Nahalido

Kids aren’t the only ones finding their routines suddenly flipped upside down. While we’re sure that this mom loves getting some extra time in with the kiddos, we’d also be willing to bet that she’s starting to miss the old view from her work…the view that didn’t involve 4-foot-tall shadowy figures lurking behind the office door.

6. The art of distraction

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Reddit/7bottlesofwine Source: Reddit/7bottlesofwine

The beauty of having littles at home is that they’re easily distracted. And nothing will keep them more occupied than learning the basics of fort engineering. Yes, you won’t have your living room back for a while, but you also won’t have your kids hounding you until they’re ready to dine on snacks in their new empire.

7. They’re just trying to be helpful…

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Reddit/dmclb Source: Reddit/dmclb

These kids thought they’d be helpful and wash their parent’s valuables. And, seeing how valuable toilet paper is these days, it was one of the first things to get a bath. Hopefully, they had something easy on the stomach for dinner.

8. Making sure you stay on top of things

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Reddit/ativir_shah Source: Reddit/ativir_shah

While they might be a little over-enthused sometimes, generally kids really do just wanna help their parents out. Like this little cutie. He knows his dad is being a bit of a slacker, so he got on top of the situation to help steer him in the right direction. Bet he’ll get a raise soon.

9. An effective deterrent

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Reddit/BohsNOhs Source: Reddit/BohsNOhs

Now, whether or not this works will all depend on the age of your kids and their level of understanding. But, if they’re old enough to know what underwear are, and the difference between theirs and yours, chances are this will be your new go-to kid-deterrent. Simply hang your chonies over the doorknob where you’re trying to get some privacy. Your kids will be so disgusted that they’ll never come back.

10. They always know

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Reddit/fleetmack Source: Reddit/fleetmack

You might be thinking that your toddler is young enough to trick into believing you’ve left for work for the day. Trust us, though- you’re wrong. They have strange Spidy-senses when it comes to mom and dad, and they just know whether or not you’re around. They will find you, and they will come for you. Best to stick with the underwear trick.

11. Rising to the occasion like a BOSS

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Reddit/fromsky610 Source: Reddit/fromsky610

“My wife is handling the kids being home from school like a champ.”

Yes. Yes she most definitely is.

12. At least they’ll teach you the secrets of life

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Reddit/thunder_shat Source: Reddit/thunder_shat

Having kids around isn’t always so bad. Sometimes, they will surprise you with their inherent wisdom, and you might even learn a thing or two. Like these parents, who learned that the reason stores can’t keep TP on the shelf is because, apparently, it’s the ultimate survival food.

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Source: Parenting Isn’t Easy/Bored Panda