Wrap spaghetti in ground beef for a delicious meal you’ll want to make again and again
I never would have thought to do this but it turned out great!
D.G. Sciortino

The hardest part about making dinner can sometimes be figuring out what you’re going to make.

But you don’t really have to spend all that time planning if you have go-to recipes.

These 10 ground beef recipes are so delicious, they’ll quickly become family favorites.

Here are 10 ground beef recipes you’ll want to make again and again:


1) Mashed Potato Beef Pie

This recipe has several good things in one: mashed potatoes, beef, and pie. You’ll need a springform pan for this one. You’ll make a bowl of mashed potatoes inside the pan and fill it with ground beef, cheese, and whatever else you want to throw in there. Get all the details on this recipe here.

2) Meatball Wrapped Spaghetti

The name of this recipe alone is intriguing. It’s a fun way to get creative with Sunday’s pasta dinner. You basically wrap seasoned ground beef around a bunch of dry spaghetti in a casserole dish with tomato sauce and cheese. It’s sure to be a hit with the family! Find the recipe here.

3) Garlic Cauliflower Meatloaf Braid

Garlic lovers rejoice. This dish is garlicky, cheesy, and meaty. And that flaky crust! You can find the recipe here.


4) Bacon Armadillo Eggs

No, these aren’t real armadillo eggs. They are egg-filled peppers wrapped in meat and then bacon. It’s like a nesting doll that you can eat.

5) Ground Beef Molehill

This is kind of like a reversed mashed potato beef pie. It’s a seasoned meatloaf that’s stuffed with mashed potatoes, bacon, and cheese. Then it’s covered with crunchy bread crumbs and veggies. You’ll find the details on this dish here.

6) Meat and Potato Casserole

This makes for a lighter meat and potato dish. It’s not as heavy as a standard casserole would be. The dish includes sliced potatoes topped with some ground beef. The beef is topped with créme fraîche.


7) Lasagna Meatloaf

Can’t decide whether to make lasagna or meatloaf? You don’t have to decide with this dish. It’s both dishes in one. Learn how to make it here.

8) Moroccan Meatball Soup

This is the perfect warm-weather dish. It will both warm and fill you up. Get the recipe here.

9) Quick Spicy Chilli

Beef, beer, and chipotle. Need I say more? Learn how to make this dish here.

10) Super Nachos

Why eat nachos when you can eat super nachos. Topped with lots of ground beef, this dish is a whole meal. Get the recipe here.

Get details on these recipes in the video below.

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