10 delicious apple cinnamon quick bread recipes

October 9th, 2020

Is there anything that goes together better than apples and cinnamon? Few things, if any, to be sure.

And there’s a reason why apples dominate the fall season, right along with pumpkin, of course- there is a beautiful abundance of them this time of year.

“Murder hornets” be damned- nothing is going to stop us from indulging in the all-time classic fruit favorite! And just to prove it- we’ve decided to share a list of 10 of the absolute best apple cinnamon quick-bread recipes online.

Why? Because if there is any Fall food that tops apples and cinnamon, it’s a bread that features both!

1. Apple Breakfast Bread

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Allrecipes/Fit & Healthy Mom Source: Allrecipes/Fit & Healthy Mom

Want to make your house smell utterly irresistible? Then you definitely want to give this apple breakfast bread a try. Light enough to scarf down a slice or two at breakfast, but hearty enough to keep you feeling satisfied, the swirling flavors of apple, cloves, and cinnamon is sure to draw even the pickiest of breakfast eaters to your table and have them begging for more. Learn more here.

2. Apple Raisin Bread

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Allrecipes/Rich Source: Allrecipes/Rich

This hearty and rustic-looking bread features some of the best of Fall flavors, all baked into one delectable loaf. Among raisins, apples, and oats, you’ll also get the slight, nutty crunch of walnuts, too. Find out more here.

3. Debbie’s Amazing Apple Bread

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Allrecipes/Evelynlmonroe Source: Allrecipes/Evelynlmonroe

We don’t know who Debbie is, but we sure do love her for sharing this apple bread recipe with her friend so many years ago! It comes loaded with two full cups of mouthwatering apple chunks distributed throughout this cinnamon-sugary loaf. And it only takes a few minutes to whip up the batter! Learn more here.

4. Apple Bread

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Allrecipes/Clarky0817 Source: Allrecipes/Clarky0817

This is a simple quick bread that capitalizes on its featured ingredient- apples. However, with the addition of an entire cup of chopped walnuts, this bread is kicked up a notch in terms of both flavor and textures. A recipe highly sought after by kids and adults alike, you really can’t go wrong with this one. Get the full down-low here.

5. Quick Apple Pie Bread

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Allrecipes/Kimberly H Cezar Source: Allrecipes/Kimberly H Cezar

What could possibly make for a better Fall dessert than apple pie? An apple pie in bread form! The key to getting that perfect pie flavor lies in the “secret” ingredient- apple pie filling. Yep, we are definitely talking about the standard can of the fruity filling you find on the grocery store shelves but, trust us, once you try it you’ll never scoff at the idea again. Get the recipe here.

6. Apple Bread with Double Streusel

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Allrecipes/Yoly Source: Allrecipes/Yoly

Streusel. Need we say more? While you normally only get to experience this sugar-laden, crunchy, crumbly texture on top of a baked good, this recipe doubles down on this yumminess by sandwiching apple bread between two streusel-y layers. One on the top AND the bottom! Learn more here.

7. Apple Walnut Bread

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Allrecipes/Chefster Source: Allrecipes/Chefster

This chunky fruit and nut-laden bread ages like a fine wine- just don’t let it sit that long. Said by reviewers to be “even better the next day,” the hearty chunks of both apple and walnut stand out with bursts of flavor in each and every bite, and it’s super simple to make! Learn how here.

8. Zucchini Apple Bread

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Allrecipes/Sixnails8me Source: Allrecipes/Sixnails8me

Now is the perfect time to combine the last of late Summer’s harvest with some of the firstfruits of the Fall harvest. And you can do that no better than with this recipe that combines both zucchini bread with apple bread. Moist, flavorful, and good at any time of the day, get the details here.

9. Chocolate Apple Bread

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Allrecipes/GGL1 Source: Allrecipes/GGL1

When you think of pairing apples with something, chocolate might not be the first thing that comes to mind. After trying out this delicious chocolate apple bread recipe, though, you will be left wondering why. Though it’s easy to overdo it on the chocolate factor in a lot of recipes, this recipe uses just the right amount to make those Fall flavors really shine. Get the tutorial here.

10. Spiced Applesauce Bread

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Allrecipes/Dianne Source: Allrecipes/Dianne

Bread recipes just don’t get any easier than this one. Simply take all the ingredients, pour them in a bowl, stir them together, and stick it in the oven! The applesauce makes this bread extra moist and delicious, and you can even kick it up a notch by topping it with cream cheese! Get the details here.

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